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Our Programs

An Overview

Education at IMS is imparted with English as the medium of instruction, but at the same time, immense care is taken to keep the children constantly in touch with the national language Nepali, their own mother tongue, culture and customs. The academic curricular of the school judiciously combines the one prescribed by the Ministry of Education, Nepal Government and those of some other advanced curriculum. While framing the syllabus of each grade, the students’ ability to absorb the subject matter is always given utmost priority however, in doing so, required level wise standards are not compromised. Besides, a step-wise up gradation of the syllabus for each higher grade is made to ensure smooth cognitive development of the children.

The school has been physically divided into four blocks namely:

  • Kindergarten Block – Playgroup to Pre - II
  • Primary Block – Grades I to V
  • Lower Secondary Block – Grades VI to VIII
  • Secondary Block – Grades IX to XII.

On the administrative front, each grade level has a 'Head Teacher' and each block a co-ordinator who assists the principal with the day to day functioning and supervision of the various levels and blocks. On the academic front there are 'Faculty Heads' for each subject, a set for Jr. School and a set for Sr. School who ensures the teaching learning quality of the school.

Kindergarten – Playgroup to Pre-II


Fun, Care & Love is how we sum up our pre-school. In this section of the school (Playgroup, Foundation, Pre – I& Pre - II), students are exposed for the first time to the world outside their own where, under the watchful eyes and tender care of specially trained teachers, they learn to interact judiciously with their peers and their immediate surrounding. By balancing traditional and contemporary instructions in reading, writing, and numerals with art, life skill-based activities, physical activities and music, the Ideal Model Pre-school curriculum equips toddlers with skills of communication, collaboration, problem solving, and analysis. The open, caring, family-oriented atmosphere of the school encourages the blossoming of pre-schoolers' natural curiosity and instils confidence in their innate abilities.

Primary Level

Starting from grade 1 to grade 5

It is in this section of the school, children are actually initiated into the academic world. Their curiosities of the environment around them are aroused with books and other teaching learning aids. Teachers teach them the basic tenets of both verbal and written communications with indefatigable patience. IMS has high academic expectations for primary school students, as their foundation is extremely important in making their future. Academic rigor is complemented by the arts in the Ideal Model Primary School curriculum, with elements of Multiple Intelligences Theory learning approach woven through each area of instruction. Primary School students begin formal recitation to develop public speaking skills, participate in dramas and music and self- reading to promote students’ self-assurance to self and in front of a group. While academically challenging, Primary School embodies the pillars of IMS spirit-joyful warmth, sparkling intelligence and passionate commitment. They learn with purpose and brim with confidence.

Lower Secondary Level

Starting from grade 6 to grade 10

In the Lower Secondary section of the school, the students are navigated through deeper channels of knowledge with the help of high standard textbooks and numerous other learning resources. Emphasisis always laid on concept clearance, academic skill development, life skill development, application of the knowledge learnt and not mere memorization and regurgitation of question-answers. Extensive self-reading and writing drills are undertaken at this level. Besides, theoretical knowledge is augmented with instructional media, other learning aids, Practical in laboratories and Field Trips. Since children are at their pre- adolescence stage, it is at this level that we initiate equipping them with values and strength of character necessary for their journey through adolescence into adulthood.

Secondary Level

Two year pre-university qualification progam

The Secondary school program builds on the systematized, student-oriented and analysis-based foundation of learning. All the subjects are criterion-related and have strong inter-disciplinary elements. IMS has developed a curriculum that stimulates the student’s latent curiosity honing the skills of research, expression, presentation and application. At this stage we constantly encourage self-learning and self-assessment slowly instilling in them a sense of self-accountability and being responsible towards self.

After the completion of grade X, the students have to undergo a two-year rigorous and significant pre-university qualification. The program is known for matching breadth with depth and for its holistic view of the process of learning. Students are required to select either Management Program or Science Program.

The Management Program focuses on entrepreneurial activities, research, oral and written presentations. All modules in this program involve the study of organizations, their management, accounts and the changing environment in which they operate. The Science Program enables students to integrate lectures, practical classes that involve hands on laboratory work and seminars. Through lectures and well-equipped laboratory experiments, students explore basic concepts of different subjects incorporated in our Science Program. Students put these theories into practice by creating their own research projects that will allow students to gain firsthand experience of science research.