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Ideal Model School (IMS) was founded under the leadership of experienced and dedicated luminaries with the idea of providing holistic value-based education that would help each student represent their individuality globally.

IMS is a part of a big family called “The Little Angels’ School System”.  The L.A. School System includes:

  1. Little Angels’ School, Hattiban
  2. Little Angels’ College, Hattiban
  3. Ideal Model School, Dhobighat
  4. LAB School, Kirtipur
  5. Small Heaven School, Chitwan
  6. Dhunibesi School, Naubise, Dhading

As a part of this system since 1991, IMS has the opportunity of sharing pedagogies, massive infrastructure with global standard facilities, vast resources and engage in various activities with students from other schoolsthat enable students to be receptive and respect for different opinions. Additionally, students graduating from IMS have opportunities to various programs provided within the L.A. School System for graduates and post-graduates studies.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to connect students with their unique futures. We offer an unparalleled education that inspires children to be creative problem-solvers, innovators, and leaders. We approach the learning experience by infusing a strong liberal arts curriculum with Multiple Intelligences Theory.

IMS Vision

To provide quality, comprehensive education and raise compassionate global citizens.

IMS Mission

To facilitate life-long learning beyond knowledge acquisition by providing them skills to comprehend, apply, appreciate, analyze,synthesize and evaluate.

Aims and Objectives
  1. Ideal Model School has been set up with the overall objective of providing quality education to a limited number of students in a most congenial environment.
  2. The IMS motto is: ‘TO BE A LIGHT’, and it endeavors to motivate students to set and achieve objectives in life which are higher, nobler, and which helps them spread like the radiance of light where ever they may go.
  3. IMS believes that each child has an inherent ability to excel in some sphere of life. It thus aims at providing an environment where in these imbibed creative potentials are identified, exposed and nurtured.
  4. IMS also constantly strives for sustained academic growth of the student. Teachers prepare students with the aim of making them capable of shouldering the load of higher education and life with ease and confidence.
  5. At IMS, the concept of self-imposed, all round discipline is inculcated in the students so that overall development of their physical, mental and spiritual faculties are facilitated.
Academic Session

The academic session of the school begins as per the directions of the Education Ministry in the Nepali month of 'Baishak' (Mid-April) and continues for about 12 months. It is divided into three terms, each of which ends with a ‘Terminal Examination’. A brief term break is given after each Terminal examinations.

Admission Procedure

Children having completed age 3 and above are eligible to enroll. However, there is a separate PG section of the school that caters to children below age 3. Requests for admission can be made on prescribed ‘Application Form’ available at the school's 'Admission Desk' from the 1 st of the Nepali month 'Chaitra' (Mid-March) each year. Completed forms are to be submitted to the same office for processing. Applied students are examined and depending on their merit, age and vacancy at school, placed in different grades. For selected candidates, financial and other formalities have to be completed within stipulated dates provided by the account section of the school.

For a new student, an ‘Admission Fee’ (Non-Refundable) and a ‘Security Deposit’ (Refundable), along with the ‘Annual Fee’ is charged at the time of admission. For students already studying in school, the annual fee is charged every year, at the beginning of each session. Tuition fee is charged every month for the entire session. 'Computer' and 'Transport’ fees are charged for 10 months only.