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Message from Chairman

Chairman of IMS Family

Hello Readers, welcome to the Ideal Model School.
It gives me great pleasure in welcoming you to one of our chain of excellent educational institutions established with the vision of providing quality education to children at an affordable price. IMS has been one amongst the few emerging progressive schools in the nation with a team of highly experienced and trained individuals. Education here is life itself and no stone is left unturned in providing the students with the very best of everything. The school being very sensitive to constant social changes endevours to equip students with the necessary skills and strength to cope hence ensuring a safe passage through their journey of life. IMS has been dedicated to the nation and is ever ready to ensure the proper grooming of individuals ready to shoulder the future of our nation. To carry forward the programs offered at IMS, we have put up a balanced team of both youth and experience so as to drive the institution successfully and we are confident that their expertise, diligence, and zeal creates a wonderful ambience for teaching and learning. IMS has come a long way in consistently providing holistic education to its students and in doing so, we anticipate that it will create history for itself in the days to come.

- Mr. Umesh Shrestha

Message from Principal

Principal of IMS

It was great visionaries who laid down the central principle of Ideal Model School education that, “For the developing minds, only the best is good enough”. The establishment of IMS has been the vision of great luminaries from all fields. Their contribution in the process of building the nation can in no way be undermined, IMS has been one such contribution from their list of numerous others. Ideal Model School was established in 2048 B.S. (1991 A.D.) with the intention of providing an environment for the holistic development of students. Here at IMS, our dedicated team provides the student with focused approach to ensure a supportive, individualized, innovative and value-based learning experience. A modern and well facilitated infrastructure makes the school a pleasant and inspiring place to teach and learn.

"Education begins in the womb and ends in the tomb"… goes an age-old saying. It is, however, universally accepted that the initial education a child gets during the schooling years is the most critical phase of learning. It is in these formative years that the ground work for a child’s entire future is laid. A solid foundation in these years not only helps in building a better tomorrow for the child but also ensures the progress of the society in general and the nation as a whole. At IMS this is reflected at every step in the culture and climate of the school. Ever since its inception, IMS has moved forward steadily. It has been sensitive to the changes in both the attitudes of students and the demands of modern society. Thus, it has constantly endeavored to incorporate necessary changes so that the children can become a part of the emerging New World and represent their individuality globally.

I feel proud to be a part of such an institution where we are committed to achieve excellence in education. A student’s success is our success and over the passage of time, IMS has been gaining recognition both nationally and internationally through our students and graduates for their achievements and contribution towards the betterment of the society they live in and the world at large.

- Mr. Biraj Chhetri